Introduction of Ordinary Differential Equations, Solutions of Linear Differential Equations (constant and varying coefficients), Bernoulli Equations, Separable Equations.

Ordinary Differential Equations: Part 1

The history and significance of the Ashoka Chakra, the symbol at the center of the Indian National Flag

Ashoka Chakra

Lyrics অলির কথা শুনে বকুল হাসে কই তাহার মতো তুমি আমার কথা শুনে হাসনাতো ধরার ধূলিতে যে ফাগুন আসে কই […]

অলির কথা শুনে

Like to gamble? Well, you should learn the math behind it before you jump into the table. Let's find out what your chance of winning, and many more.

Gambler’s Ruin: A Review

Operations Research is concerned with scientifically designing how to best design and operate man-machine systems usually under conditions requiring the […]

Linear Programming Problem (LPP)