Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 1 “Dragonstone” Review 2

Major Spoiler Alert!!!

The article contains major spoilers on the last episode of Game of Thrones.

The Sudden Appearance of Ed Sheeran:

If you haven’t yet seen the episode, I would recommend you to avoid this post if you are saving yourself for the grand surprise — biggest of which was Ed Sheeran in a Red Dress. There were talks that the musician will appear in this season of Game of Thrones, but I don’t think anybody was ready for the small cameo from Ed Sheeran which lasted less than Christiano Ronaldo’s presence in the field in 2016 Euro Cup Final.

I had to start with this, even though this scene came around midway of the episode. Don’t know why the producers thought it would be a good idea to dress up a world-famous (Well he is, even though I am not a big fan) musician and sing a song which conspicuously reminded our very own Samwell Tarly, who was seen later gathering shit, literally.

And a chain and a keep are nothing

Compared to a woman’s kiss.

Whatever you do Game of Thrones, please don’t make us see Ed Sheeran trying to kill Cersei.

Predictions Time: However though, this might not be the last appearance of him. From the trailer it looks like Arya is finally going to meet Nymeria, the lost wolf, and it might very well be in this very place, where she will be saved from the Lannister soldiers (whom she will try to kill) by the wolf gang Nymeria has built for last six seasons. That will really be interesting.

Arya in full form:

Let’s go back to the opening scene, and what an opening scene it was. Arya gave a glimpse of his badass faceless assassin character in the earlier season, but this season she came out in full form. If killing Walder Frey after making him eat the flesh of his own sons was not enough for you, she started this season by deleting the entire House of Frey in one clean sweep, killing them at the exact same place where they slaughtered her mother and brother. Now that Arbor Wine has been used to kill in two feasts, the first one being Joffrey’s death, the fan theory of Arbor Wine being a symbol of lies might be coming true.

Check out this link: What-are-the-instances-in-ASoIaF-in-which-arbor-gold-symbolises-lies?

You see the wonders than can be worked with lies and Arbor gold?

– Peter Baelish to Sansa Stark

It was a very satifying moment, just like the death of Joffrey, or Ramsay Snow/Bolton. Yes, Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.


WhiteWalker Army:

We got a glimpse of the Whitewalker army coming south, along with a snowstorm. The scenery was beautiful, and we see the Whitewalkers leading an army of dead men and women and children, and Giants!!! Yes, the army of dead has giants. We all remember Wun Wun, and we loved him, but I have a feeling this giant would not be that friendly. The blue right eye, the exact same eye where Wun Wun was shot by Ramsay, has some wondering whether this giant is indeed Wun-Wun. Well, it might be, but that would be downright crazy. Wun-Wun died in Winterfell, surely nobody carried him and dumped him north of the wall, even if it was possible, after they saw what happened to the dead at Hardhome. Surely, right? Well, hopefully Game of Thrones producers would not bring back Wun-Wun like this, let him rest in peace.


Bran Crosses The Wall:

Well that was basically all about this scene. There were some minor exchanges after which Edd, the present and 999th Lord Commander opened the gates to let Meera and Bran enter. The only point of significance might be the first moment, when the scene of the giant was cut to reveal Bran’s eyes glazed over white, which might be implying he was warging into someone. Was it the Giant? Maybe, I don’t know.

Jon Snow -The Ruler:

Next, we see Jon Snow, at Winterfell, commanding the lords of the North to gather men and women, boys and girl, 10 to 60 and to train them to fight for the coming threat. Some protests ensued, which was quickly shut down by fan favorite Lyanna Mormont. Really I love the way she is acting, hope that she will not die soon, as has been the fate till now for fan favorite characters. Meanwhile, the wildlings are also going to Eastwatch by the Sea. Dunno what will happen to the budding romance between Tormund and Brienne of Tarth. Guess we have to wait and find out.

The only significant happening this episode was an argument between Jon Snow and Sansa, on who should get the castles of Last Hearth and Karhold. While Sansa wanted to strip the existing lords of the two castles of the honor, and give the castles to lords who had been loyal to Jon Snow, Jon made it clear he was not going to take away a families right just for a few “reckless sons“. That was honorable and all, but seeing that the present head of the two houses, Umbers and the Karstarks, were a boy, Ned Umber, and a girl, Alys Karstark, who looked to be wielding zero self-confidence, this decision might backfire. Hopefully Lyanna Mormont will take then onus of grooming this children, and they will soon emerge to be fan-favorites. But at the moment, they looked like destined for another heart-wrenching death.

The only man seemingly enjoying the rift between Jon and Sansa, well you guessed it right, was Littlefinger Peter Baelish. He usually gets what he wants, but now he is on unfamiliar grounds, and he is trying to figure out how to control these stubborn northerners.

Jon and Sansa have a “hearty” chat:

Soon after, Jon seemed livid that Sansa tried to undermine him in front of everyone. Sansa reminded him he have to be smarted than Ned and Robb.

I love them, I miss them, but they made stupid mistakes, and they both lost their heads for it.

And yes, she was right. I never thought I would be saying this, but Jon might benefit by taking some advice from her. She has learned a great deal from her hardships, and from Cersei, as she told Jon. It would have great if this scene was a bit longer, I was really enjoying the bro-sis chat.

Meantime, Cersei’s letter arrived commanding Jon to go south and bow to her. Would be interesting to see a face to face chat between Jon and Cersei.

Cersei and Jaime:

From one bro-sis to another, Cersei and Jaime discuss their enemies standing on a map o Westeros. Jaime tried to talk with Cersei about Tommen, but Cersei dismisses him. Seemed like Cersei is going mad, well who could blame her. She was not very sane to start with, and, with three children dying, and being forced to walk in street naked, it’s very hard to keep your mind in right place.

Speaking of insanity, there you have Euron Greyjoy, the maddest of them all. Desperate for a queen, she has turned to Cersei, now that Daenerys is out of question. Failing to impress Cersei yet, he left to bring her a gift, which might well be Yara Greyjoy, and a few of Sand Snake sisters. Looks like Jaime is finally getting replaced from the position of Cersei’s lovers. Might be she is not into single-handed guys.


Samwell Tarly – The Servant:

Looks like Sam is having the worst time of his life. From cleaning shit and weighing livers, he seemed like truly miserable. And when a Maester told him that they wouldn’t bother thinking about whitewalkers, cause “Every Winter that ever came has ended“, he finally decide to steal some books from the library. Good for him, he has finally perfected the art, from stealing swords to books. From the books, he finally learnt the positions of a huge deposit of Dragonstone, which he decided to inform Jon. This news might fianlly bring Jon and Dany together. Wouldn’t that be marvellous?

Oh, and one thing more. We now finally know where Jorah Mormont is. He is locked in a room in the citadel, being treated, hopefully successfully, for his little problem of Greyscale.

Sansa and LittleFinger:

Nothing, nothing here. Littlefinger still trying, and trying to get Sansa on his side, and seems like he is failing thoroughly. Looks like his days are numbered. It was really good to see Sansa cut him short:

No need to seize the last words Lord Baelish. I will assume it was something clever.

Good going Sansa. Keep it up.

The Hound:

The hound is riding with the Brotherhood Without Banners, and they have came to the exact same house where Hound and Arya once spent a night in Season 4, and the Hound robbed the farmer of his gold. Now it seems like the farmer and daughter have died of starvation, and the Hound seemed to be overcome by remorse. Also, it seems like Clegane Bowl have the power to read through the flames. Apparently he saw the Wall in the north, when the fire explodes in a small burst. Does this imply the wall is going to fall? Let’s wait and see.

Daenerys Stormborn:

Finally we come to the last season, Daenerys has finally reached her ancestral stronghold, Dragonstone.


The long and emotional walk was pretty well captured, and the Dany masterfully ended the scene, and the episode asking Tyrion:

Shall we begin?


Overall, the episode was very good, covering all the important characters, and a good build up for the season, for which people all over the world have been eagerly waiting for one whole year. Finally, you can watch the trailer of the next episode. One thing is almost confirmed, we will see Nymeria again. Hopefully they will use him better than the previous werewolves. Also, Yara is seen trying to persuade Dany into invading King’s Landing right away. Also we get hint of a steamy scene between Yara and Ellaria Sand, although I was hoping foe a Yara-Dany moment,which was teased in the last season. Anyway, we have to wait for a week to find out the details. Till then, Goodbye.








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