Disclaimer: To all “Sanskari” Indians out there, this article is not intended to “promote” sex (whatever that means), it is solely intended for spreading awareness about the most dreaded “You-Know-What” in majority of Indian Households.

One of the major problems that the youths of our generation are suffering is the lack of knowledge and more dangerously the wrong knowledge about sex education and use of contraceptive that they acquire.


    a) Condoms : Male and female
    b) Diaphragm : Need assistance from the medical practitioner
    c) Spermicidal Jelly: Nonoxynol-9
    a) Oral Contraceptive Pills: Combined OCP
    b) Progesterone only Pills.
    c) Emergency Pills.
  • SURGICAL/PERMANENT STERILIZATION: Vasectomy for Male, Tubectomy For Female

We will have our discussion only on dos and don’ts of those contraceptive that can be easily be brought from a medical store.

The most commonly used contraceptive by a male is usually a CONDOM. While many pay much importance to the dotted criteria and the flavor of a CONDOM but lacking interest in the must do steps in using the thing:

  • Always look at the expiry date before using just like in any other medicine.
  • Hold the condom just at the tip of the penis and roll it till the end of penis, ensuring that whole of the penis is covered by it and a slight bulging of the condom is there for collection of the released semen at the tip of the penis.
  • After the process of intercourse bring out the condom by holding the end of it to ensure that it does not slip off midway in the female genital tract.
  • Dispose the condom properly.


  • No side effects except there may be a slight latex allergy
  • Prevents any chance of pregnancy (better not to do in unsafe Period that is 10-20th day of menstrual cycle when there is a high chance of pregnancy if by any means semen comes in contact with genital tract may be due to slippage or rupture of the condom).
  • Most importantly Condom gives protection against SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES like HIV, Genital Tract Infections, Hepatitis –B.

Disadvantage: Yes, it has some..

  • Sexual Displeasure (now we have to give importance on the dotted aspect).
  • Rupture or Slippage of Condom.
  • Latex Allergy.

Do’s & Don’ts:

  • Never use any Vaseline product as the lubricant (nowadays usually the available condoms are well lubricated).
  • Never use 2 condoms (1 over the other) as it has a high chance of rupture due to friction in between.
  • Always change the condom for every new act of coitus.
  • Condom is must while having Anal sex (high chance of bleeding and hence transmission of infection) and unknown or multiple sexual partner.


Despite having few disadvantages it is probably the go to contraceptive as the taking of pills has a huge burden on the health of the female partner. So for a planned sex and to avoid unplanned pregnancy with a extra protection from the life threatening infections (if any) condom is one of the best if not the best.

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