About Me

Welcome to  my humble abode

Hi everyone, I am Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, aiming to be a number cruncher (I guess that is what we statisticians are called nowadays). Seems like a prosaic life goal for a 23 year old? Well, let’s assure you, it is not. Statistics is the subject that has captivated me for last five years, and within a couple of months, I am setting sail to the  “tar heel”, the State of North Carolina of USA, to pursue a Ph.D. Degree in Statistics at NC State University.


However, despite my relationship with Statistics for my last five years, I have tried my hand in a couple of past-time activities to keep my mind afresh, two most important of which are playing Violin and writing mainly in my native language, Bengali. I am also an avid fan of History, and often find myself poking the internet for some random historical facts.

In this website, I aim to explore 5 main fields:

  • Lessons: Here I wish to impart the knowledge I have gathered and will gather in my life on Statistics and Mathematics, as far as my own limitations allow me to do. I will try to select a topic and elucidate the underlying concepts and some applications, if possible, with practical data.
  • Violin: I have been playing violin for a couple of years, mainly on Bengali and Hindi songs. Among the numerous times I went online to find a song played on Violin and its Indian notations, I rarely found a well documented one. In my website, I would aim to play a song and provide it’s Notation (Sargam), as well as possible, mainly for Bengali and Hindi Songs.
  • Historical Facts: I will use this part of my website to upload interesting historical facts, unknown to most people.
  • Movie/TV Series: I love to watch movies, and TV Series, and I will try to give reviews on the movies or TV series I watch in this section.
  • Stories and Poems: I intend to  upload here stories and poems I write in my leisure times.


Anyone who by sheer chance come across my website, you are welcome to browse through the stuff. You also may use any content you wish, as long as you are kind enough to mention the source.