Do you ever wonder where lies the roots of the modern day religions? The answer can be found by delving in the past, by analyzing the religions of our ancestor.

Some Ancient Religions The World Forgot

ক্লান্ত যমুনার বিস্তীর্ণ চরে, বালুকা করিছে খেলা, রক্ত-রবি-বরে;


মনুষ্যজাতি হায় নগ্ন অভিমানে, পরায় বিজয়মালা, অন্ধ-ধর্ম-গলে ||


Some historical facts about Padmavati, the historical character who is in the spotlight these days for all the wrong reasons.

Rani Padmavati: A Myth?

A short discussion about confidence intervals, and some important types of confidence intervals, including confidence interval of mean, proportion, difference of mean, and difference of proportion.

Basics of Statistics 1: Confidence Interval